Fun, random story…

So three nights ago we got home late from Lapa. I walked the girls home, came back to my place, and was getting ready for bed when the phone rang. It was Jenna, and she was laughing, but she sounded like she was about to start crying too. “Ben,” she yelled, “we’re locked in our house!” “Hmmm….” (What do you say to that? “Unlock the door?”) Somehow, they couldn’t get out though.

I (in my arrogance) assumed that they were just being silly girls, and it was really something simple, so when I showed up the next morning to “let them out” I was surprised that it wasn’t something really simple. Somehow, the lock had broken and jammed while they were inside, and they were unable to get it out. It didn’t take the two seconds that I thought it would either. I finally got the door open after about forty-five minutes of messing with the lock and a variety of tools… But the lock was shot.

“Oh, that’s easy to fix,” you say. “You just need to go out and buy a new one…” That’s what I thought. After trying five stores around their house, and hearing at each one, “No, we don’t carry that… It’s way too old. Try shop X around the corner…” After about four hours of this, I finally gave up, and found a shop that said although they didn’t have that type of lock that would fit in the door, they did know of someone who could probably fix it. After another hour getting to the shop, the locksmith said it would be no problem – “Come back tomorrow.”

Anyway, long boring story made a bit shorter, he finally fixed it the next day, and I was able to put the lock back on – and now the girls once again have a fully functioning door. Yeah! Final score – Ben – 2,000,000, Door – Negative 1,000,000,000. I rule!

be good friends – and I’m working on the pictures… =) soon… I promise.




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  1. Laura

    “silly girls,” hmmm? You thought I don´t read this, but oh, shouldn’t you have known better…

    ps, readers- we tried dang hard to get that door open ourselves, girls rule, but Ben did rule over that door

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