Something to try…

Hey everyone (both of you that read this) –

I’m recommending this to ya’ll, even though I haven’t tried it out yet, cause I want to try it out. There’s this program called Skype that you download ( that allows you to make free phone calls to other users… From what I’ve heard from some other WMF types, it works really well (say from the US to Nepal…) So I want to see if works as well from Brazil to the US, Peru, Africa, Asia, etc. But to do this, I need you to download it, then add me to your contact list (similar to an Instant Message program) and then when we’re online, we can talk… So get it, tell me about, and then we’ll try it – and remember that my buddy name is benmichaelmiller – look forward to chatting…



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  1. Matt V

    Hey Ben,
    I am signed up and ready to go…mvis62…i hope we can make it work sometime to chat it up…


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