At long last…

Now I know that some of you have been dying to see what has happened to my head in the last few months. And I’ve been meaning to put these up for a while… So enjoy, okay? (and you can read captions, but it’s pretty self explanatory…

First you have me w/ long hair…

long hair

Then you have Rebecca’s hand cutting my hair…


Here’s my “come-be-a-missionary-to-Brazil” recruitment poster… catchy, isn’t it?

Mohawk 2

Then you have me, Jeferson, and Rafael hanging out in our house (I’m the one w/ the mohawk.)

b, j, and r 1

Close up of “the Hawk.”

mohawk 1

Me w/ my big shaved head…


And finally, me back to normal. (as normal as I get, anyway…)


So there you have it. Yes, I had a mohawk. Yes, I shaved it off. Yes, my hair is normal now. No, I probably won’t do it again. Ok. That’s enough for now.

More soon.


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One response to “At long last…

  1. Anonymous

    You make me smile :)… thank you

    Rose Ann

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