Sometimes, I even amaze myself…

So I just wanted to tell everyone – I amaze myself constantly!!! =) Example number one – I just was heading down the spiral staircase in my house, carrying an empty plate and glass in my hand. I may have been a bit careless, and the plate slipped out of my hand and began plummeting down the staircase. I steeled myself for an earth-shaking crash, when, unthought or unplanned, my left hand lashed out like a striking cobra and snagged the edge of the plate only seconds before it plummeted to a certain, horrific, shattering death. I then danced down the rest of the stairs, shouting to myself “I rule, I rule.” Then I almost tripped over the trash-can (the one full of carrot peelings and other stuff – but I didn’t spill too much of it…) Sigh… right…

More later…


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