Stuff that happened today…

Wow… So I’ve posted on this two days in a row. Just don’t expect this kind of treatment to go on for long…

A few things that happened today –

1 – While leaving the house to head down to Lapa, we ran into a group of protesters. I don’t know all the facts, but what I did find out made me sick. According to them, the shoot-out I heard last night ended in the death of a young boy – Lucas – killed by the police.

2 – After arriving in Lapa, I was greeted by three of the boys who grabbed my hand and dragged me away, yelling “You have to come see this, you have to come see this!!!” They had found a big pile of sand at a construction site and had spent all afternoon making a sand model of the neighborhood of Lapa, including the old trolley that travels over the aqueducts, houses, the praça, the churches. They were so proud of what they had created.

3 – We brought a few children’s Bible stories and were practicing reading w/ them and to them. Sandro, Rafael, and ET were having problems w/ the name Nabucodonosor (Nebuchadnezzar) – so we collectively decided that from now on, we will call him King Nabu. It made me smile. I can’t wait till we go back and they ask to hear the story about King Nabu again.

4 – As we were leaving I ran into Thiago and Williard who were standing on the sidewalk staring up at the street signs. I asked them what they were doing, and Thiago answered with a shy grin, “I’m teaching him to read…” a beautiful ending to an otherwise yucky day.


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