Star Wars…

Hey everyone –

Briefly – this past week’s been rough w/ police actions, shootings, etc. Would love your prayers for our communities (both the physical locations we live in, but also our WMF community). I’ll share more here when I am able.

In other bizarre news, tomorrow we’re taking a group of the kids from Lapa on an activity – we’re going to go see the new Star Wars (about which I’m fairly excited – I heard it was actually half-way decent!) But I think it’s even “funner” to think about going w/ Rafael, Jeferson, Thiago, Sandro, and a few of the other guys… toss up a prayer for us if you think of it – that it would be a good relationship building time, good discussions out of it, no one goes too crazy in the movie theater… I’ll have something tomorrow on reactions, thoughts (mainly the kids, but mine too.) =) time for bed.

Oh – quickly – somthing beautiful #2… Walking home today I saw a father and his young son walking down the dirt road. The father was pushing an old stove on a large dolly, and the son was sitting on it, hanging on for dear life, his eyes fixed on his dad’s face. The dad would shout out a warning every time they approached a pothole or other bump in the road, and the 2 year old boy would grip harder as he was jostled all over the place. But as he gripped, he laughed and smiled and crowed w/ joy. He loved it. He loved and trusted his dad. It was beautiful. May we be like that son…


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