On Tuesday I mentioned we were going to see the new Batman – Rich and I ended up going w/ Jeferson, Rafael and Zé, who loved it! I fell asleep for a few minutes towards the end (I wasn’t quite as into it as they were, and it’d been a really long day) until Zé (who was sitting next to me) yelled in my ear. I saw the end though. =)

Upon leaving, Zé was talking about how cool it was, but then told us “There wasn’t enough action in this movie.” Then, the next day Clayton (another Lapa guy) informed us that the next time we went to see a movie, it needed to be w/ him. When I told him OK, he grinned and said “Let’s go now!” He’s a smooth kid… or tries to be…

Haven’t heard from Zé in a few days. Hopefully he’s at the shelter where he said he’d be (and prepared for his big soccer tryout on Monday).

In other news, I watched a movie this weekend. It was called Divine Intervention – a movie written and directed by a Palestinian (Elia Suleiman). It’s hard to explain what exactly it’s about, but it was good. I probably picked it for the wrong reasons (on the cover was a picture of a ninja, w/ the question “Have you ever seen a Palestinian ninja?” I was immediately sold… I forgot to check about the languages, so ended up having to watch it in Arabic w/ Portuguese subtitles – so I might have missed a thing or two – but I like to think I didn’t miss much…)

Anyway, it’s not about Palestinian ninjas – that’s only one (short, kind of funny, yet also semi-disturbing) scene . In general, it depicts the life of an Israeli Arab – fascinating perspective on a complex issue. I don’t think I enjoyed the movie as much as I think it was really good – one of those thought-provoking ones that you watch, and at then end you aren’t really sure if you get it or not… and then you realize you’re probably thinking too hard, and it is a series of vignettes that try to put some emotional weight into otherwise very abstract ideas. And then there are several scenes which had me laughing out loud. And a couple that… it was good. Check it out, if you’re into that kind of thing… (Oh – it was also cool for me, as there are some fun shots of Jerusalem, the Old City, and some of the places that I loved while I was there… It was good to be reminded of them.

And then, to close w/ something completely different, I just freaked out cause a small, itty-bitty baby cockroach ran up the power cord of my computer… and we all know cockroaches are disgusting – which reminds me of when my friends fil and anne made a bunch of middle school kids in their youth program eat cockroaches (the big, Madagascar, hissing cockroaches, ordered over the internet) on their (the kids) quest to win 100 dollars. (but it’s OK, cause they were frozen inside of popsicles at the time… ugh.. But I killed this one. And now I’m for bed.



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