Happy Birthday to me!!!

OK – so it’s not really my birthday yet (that happens on Friday), but tonight we had a little celebration that was special. (It definitely was better than last year’s birthday, when I was stuck in a friend’s house alone in California while they worked, carless, friendless, and all ALONE…) But it’s OK – I’m over it now…

Today was good though. I made a batch of cupcakes, and we loaded them up and took them downtown and had a “mini-party” w/ the kids of Lapa. It wasn’t full blown, as there weren’t games or anything – it was just a bunch of friends, some cupcakes, and a couple bottles of Guarana. They sang “Happy Birthday” to me in both English and Portuguese, which was great (their “English” singing was along the lines of “Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah Blah Blaaahh… Whish-who schewil …” But it made me laugh. As they were trying to do.)

One of the guys I don’t know so well tried to give me some presents – first a cell phone, then a watch… I didn’t think they were actually his to give, so I politely declined, and told them all that just being there w/ them was enough of a birthday present. They smiled, I smiled, we prayed and I thanked God for my friends and that I got to spend my birthday celebrating w/ them, and then they dug in to the cupcakes…

We then spent a while afterwards just visiting and laughing and telling stories and jokes… It was good. Not spectacular good, like maybe sky-diving would be, but just really, really good.

And now I’m home. And as a result of the baking spree I went on today (plus a few days of not cleaning up too well) I have practically no clean dishes in the house. I checked, just so I could tell you – here’s a list of my clean dishes. One plate. One glass. One fork. … Maybe a pot or two. A few Tupperware type things. And I haven’t eaten dinner yet. It’s times like this that I just want a dish-washer… Oh, what I wouldn’t give… sigh…


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  1. Laura

    happy birthday Ben! Wow, 25…you officially round up to 30. How does that make you feel?

    Hope you get a birthday cake made on your head tomorrow, I’m sorry I’m not there to contribute to the making of it. I’m sure Jenna is too.

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