Hola desde Buenos Aires!

Hola queridos desde friísimo Buenos Aires – me parece que me estoy congelando cade dia más y más – pero, es tan bueno estar aquí con mis amigos los Forcattos.

Sorry – this language switching thing gets me confused at times. I´m not going to be on this long, but here´s a fun fact for many of ya´ll. Did you know that at this time of year, Buenos Aires is COLD! (with a capital C – and all the other letters too…) Buenos Aires is close to Chicago or Indianapolis type latitude… and that means for this kid from Rio who owns only a few lightweight sweatshirts that he´d be half frozen if it weren´t for the generosity of his friends who he´s staying with (Walter and Adriana) who have graciously lent him sweatshirts, gloves, coats, hats, and a sleeping place right next to the heater…

No time for fun stories, but I´m saving them up. Just wait… ´til then, tchau, y cuídanse amigos. Até logo, e com muitos abraços, Benjamín…


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