8 days (as of Friday)

Well, I’ve never really been in this position before. According to the Brazilian Federal Police, as of last Friday I had 8 days to leave the country. At the end of that 8 days, if I have not left, I will be deported… Interesting, right?

So, tomorrow I go pay my fine, pack up my bags, say good bye to friends, and Tuesday morning bright and early I jump on the bus to head back to Argentina. I’m going to be spending a few days there (Iguazu again) to reflect, read, write, and remember Jeferson. And then, hopefully I should be back here in Rio as of next week (on a tourist visa…) fun times! Hopefully I’ll come up w/ some good stuff for you, oh faithful reader. (Ok, you too… but only the two of you… and no more!)

I gotta get to bed.


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