Here we are…

Well, I’ll be heading out of town for a few days (as I mentioned yesterday…) – back to Argentina, and the beautiful Iguazu region.

I wanted to leave a few of you w/ something to look at – and there you are!

Last Sat. a friend invited us over to their apartment for lunch – we made them an American meal of B-B-Q, baked beans, mac and cheese, and apple pie.

(Perhaps it is misleading to say “WE” made them. Rebecca made most everything. Rich helped her some. Jenna made the apple pie. I drained the noodles for the mac and cheese…)

It was scrumtrulescent. And we had fun. This picture is of us, after we had fun (and before we started to have some more fun.) Hence, the happiness. And notice, it is not only us – even the Servant Team is happy.

And just think – next time something appears here, it will be coherent, and from another country – and maybe just the teensiest bit profound or thought provoking. Or it may just be full of me complaining about how horrible the 24 hour bus ride was… We’ll see…



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3 responses to “Here we are…

  1. Sarah M.

    You guys are nuts – in the best possible way 🙂 Cheers, Smose

  2. ben


    nuts? i din’t even tell you about the best part, where… wait a sec. anyone can see this, right? maybe i shouldn’t tell you here then. but it was a-MAZE-ing. =)



  3. kirk and sarah

    hey ben,
    something tells me we will be here in january… our goal now is spring time. so we’ll see when it happens! that will be great to hang out with you again.
    sarah livesay

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