Another Day at the Falls

For some reason, whenever I come to Argentina, the weather decides to play tricks on me and turns freakishly cold. At least I have hot water at the hotel I’m staying in (which I didn’t last time). The first morning I checked in, I waited for about 20 minutes, and the water never warmed up beyond lukewarm. Imagine my pleasant surprise this morning when I decided I would have to suffer through a cold shower and the water was actually hot! So I took a few showers today. =)

And now that I’ve scared everyone away… I spent the day at the Iguazú falls again. I wasn’t expecting that much because it’s been so cloudy and icky weather. But somehow the falls are still breathtaking, even on a cloudy, cold, overcast day. These last few days of cold and rain have made the rivers fuller, the banks overflowed, the falls more majestic, and me cranky. You win some, you lose some.

There is one spot where you can follow a catwalk and end up practically underneath one of the smaller waterfalls (smaller is a VERY relative term). I ventured a few feet out, and was trounced by this strong wind that seemed to enjoy whipping the mist from the waterfalls through my bones, and my feet were half frozen, my sweatshirt soaked, and my lips blue after a minute or two… and I didn’t even get that close.

I saw a guy who was wearing a full length rain poncho stumble back from the end of the catwalk, a huge grin on his face as he laughed and babbled excitedly to his wife. He made me want to walk out into the midst of the storm – until I saw him pull off the poncho. His jeans were soaked, his shirt dripping, and he looked like he had just fallen in the river. He could not have been any wetter if he had tried. And while I am all for experiencing amazing, wonderful things, hypothermia and frostbite are not two of those things. Maybe next time, right?


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