Back home again

It’s good to be home. There’s something about it – maybe it’s a little snobbish, but it felt good to be walking down a street where I got a few strange looks for carrying my big hiking pack. It felt even better to be yelled at and stopped by a few people who were just saying hi, and wanted to know how I was doing. To look around in “my” favela, and be able to think, “This is my home.”

After 24 hours on the bus I walked through the gate and up the stairs into my home on a cold and overcast Sunday afternoon. A few friends came over. They made us dinner. We laughed and talked. Some of the street kids came over too. It’s so good to be home. And now I’m sitting in my hammock, listening to a little Matthew Perryman Jones, and wanting to share a few pics from Iguaçu. I wish ya’ll could have been there to be soaked w/ mist, and buffetted by the crashing, tearing waters that resonate in your soul and make you want to fly. But till then, this will have to do – just a taste, remember?

So here’s a quick taste on a cold, overcast, rainy day.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out a few of the warning signs that I found amusing.

1 – Pretty self explanatory – “Don’t lean on the railing!”

2 – A little more confusing – I believe this is saying “Stay on the path. Snakes live off the path!”

3 – On a staircase – “Don’t slip?”

4 – Again, fairly self explanatory – “No swimming!” In case you missed the point, they say it in both English and Spanish.

5 – This is where they tell you not to go swimming… darn – and I was just about too… good thing that sign was there to warn me off…

Have a good week ya’ll… Man, it’s good to be home!!!



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2 responses to “Back home again

  1. fil

    hi ben!

    we miss you. glad to hear that your trip was good and that it is even better to be back home in rio. we hope you have time to come see us if you need to return to the states for a new visa. it would be refreshing to see you again. we miss you terribly and can’t wait to hug you again. we saw a shakira commercial on the tv tonight and always talk about you when we do!!! ha ha. we love you and are thinking of you often.


  2. ben

    fil and anne –

    thanks… looks like i’ll be making a US trip come jan. and if so, i will try like all get out to make it up to breck during my time. hope things are well w/ ya’ll and SCY. know you are missed…


    ps – oh, shakira… she’s got a new CD – haven’t heard it yet, but… =) right.

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