Nothing profound at all today…

So, it’s been a while… How have you been? Me? Oh, not so bad… To tell you the truth, things have been good, but no super interesting fodder for the blog. Except the following (mildly) interesting pieces of information.

1 – This morning I spilled a glass of orange juice all over my khaki shorts, and had to go through the rest of the day w/ orange stained clothes. The people at the bank who I had to meet with did not seem that impressed.

2 – This afternoon I did something mysterious. I may or may not be able to tell you about it. It may or may not change things in the near and/or distant future.

Happy Wednesday to all…



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2 responses to “Nothing profound at all today…

  1. ben

    yay! so exciting! and e-congratulations! as for the mysterious time, i will see if i can tell ya’ll about it in the near future. until then, be very intrigued! =)

    love ya’ll…


  2. Laura

    whatever. I hate surprises, so you better tell me what I should be so intrigued about when I come visit, or no peanut butter and twizzlers for you.

    Glad things are looking up, despite the death of old blue.

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