Saying good-bye to an old friend

Soccer game problems
Originally uploaded by Lost in Rio.

Tonight, I mourn the loss of Ol’ Blue – you’ve served me well over the past three years, and I will miss you dearly. I will never find another pair of jeans such as you. May you rest in peace…

Who knew I’d be on here again so quickly… Tonight there was a bit of a mishap w/ a few hoodlums who attended the same soccer game we did. On our way out, Emily and I, who were at the back of our group, were jumped by about 15 guys who grabbed my butt (trying for my wallet) and proceeded to jostle and shove us up against the wall as I grabbed at personal items, shoved hands and arms away, and yelled over and over “Calm down, chill out, leave her alone!”

The turning point was when Ol’ Blue gave out on me, and decided to go AWOL – my pocket (along with the rest of the leg) tore away into the hands of a very surprised young man. He also tried to grab my favorite blue hoody, but I held on, and he ran off with his friends, mission accomplished.

Hardly any harm was done – Em was fine, if a bit shook up (as was I) and not missing anything – the only thing they got from me was my keys, my wallet and the back half of the right side of Ol’ Blue. They missed the hoody, my umbrella, my Patagonia bag, and the digital camera. And then, as Em and I continued down the street, we saw a scuffle break out on the other side of the street. The winner ran back over to me, handed me my wallet, apologized for the other guys, and took off as I threw a quick “Thanks” in his direction. It was missing about 50 Reais (20 dollars or so) but my documents were still in there, as well as the extra 50 Reais of “emergency cash” hidden in a pocket.

Other than that, the soccer game was a blast. Nothing but good times and great company. But, I will miss you, Ol’ Blue…

Up against the wall
Originally uploaded by Lost in Rio.



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3 responses to “Saying good-bye to an old friend

  1. Sarah M.

    I am not sure why this post struck me as way funny… I mean you got mugged for pete’s sake – but it did.

    Glad your ok.

  2. ben

    sarah –

    see, it was funny – and i’m glad you laughed. i did too (more after the fact – and as i was lectured by our friends about how i should know by now which areas are safe for me to go around in like a gringo, and which arene’t…)


  3. Becca

    That puts a whole new meaning to “flying by the seat of your pants!”

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