A walk in the clouds

So tonight we pack up the gang and hop on the bus for São Paulo. I’m dropping them off w/ Jara (a WMF staff member from Omaha) who will then lead them on a week long retreat at a camp outside of São Paulo. Meanwhile Rich, Rebecca (who I may have mentioned is pregnant, and maybe not – but yesterday they had an ultrasound and found out whether they’re having a boy or a girl – and if you want to know, you need to ask them…) and I fly to Bolivia for a week long retreat. We will be spending it w/ the other WMF South America staff members (both American and Nationals) in the high jungle town of Corioco.

I’m having some mixed emotions about this – I’m excited to get to go to Bolivia. I’m really looking forward to spending some time w/ the other WMF staffers, some of whom are dear dear friends (and others who have the potential to become dear, dear friends.) It’ll be great to get out of the city for a while, get into nature, do some hikes, bike rides etc. I’m looking forward to having some time to reflect and create some space to listen to God. Oh, and did I mention that I, along w/ several other brave (fool-hardy?) souls will be biking from La Paz (elevation approx. 4800 m) down to Corioco (elevation approx. 1700 m) on what has been called by some “the world’s most dangerous road.” The road is only 64 km long, but will end up taking us around 4-6 hours. Those who choose to go by bus will end up also taking aroudn 4-6 hours. Makes you think, huh? =)

I’m sad to be leaving again – things have been going well, and it’ll be hard to pick up and leave and be gone for almost a week and a half. “How are we going to survive w/out you??” and “Are you abandoning us?” being two of the more popular exclamations from the kids. And despite being theatrical and overly dramatic, I know that they are being serious. Pray for them. Pray too for the Servant Team as they have some time to reflect on what they’ve been learning and what is in store for them in the near and distant future. Pray I don’t go flying off the road. =) I should have some fun stories from my time there – and hopefully some good pictures.

And now, I have to go pack.


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  1. fil

    hey ben!
    be safe and know that we’re thinking of you. we miss you!


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