So it’s that time of year again…


Tonight, we set up and decorated the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas carols and drinking coffee… Thankfully it rained all day yesterday, which cooled things off enough that I was able to wear a sweatshirt and it felt a little more like Christmas.

Something about the traditions of Christmas feels like the idea of “home…” and the treasuring of family in all sense of the word – immediate, extended, adopted, and those who aren’t, but they should be. But along with the treasuring comes the missing of those who are not present – whether because of distance, or because of death…

I miss Mom. I miss Jeferson. I miss Grandma. I wish… And I miss Kait, Car, and Jon. I miss Dad and Heath. I miss Fil and Anne and Si… and I could go on and on, but I’ll cut this short before it become a list of everyone I’ve ever loved.

But I believe that’s the idea – that we take the time and make the space to celebrate – to remember both the joyful and sorrowful. May we learn to remember this Christmas…

My tree


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4 responses to “So it’s that time of year again…

  1. David B.

    Christmas in Rio! Thanks for shring Ben.

  2. lizzie konkler

    anne and phil and si made the ben blog?! wow… i was feeling slightly jealous until i remember how they are great people to miss, i do as well… it’s possible i might live near/with them again for a while (in that extra room i called “mine” this spring). not finding a job has been difficult but if it means living in the gallagher home again, i might be okay with it–to say the least.
    see you post-christmas. hope your time in peru is better than you expect.
    love you brother ben,

  3. Becca

    Mr. Ben…and I miss you.

    Thanks for the reminder to leave space in the joy for the sorrow and slow down enough to FEEL.


  4. Lilia Marianno

    só aqui a gente te encontra!!!! estou feliz por vocês!!! beijo grande. lilia

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