Randonimity and pictures of me doing some kind of exciting things

Sadly, this will just be a few random pictures and thoughts. That said, let’s get crackin’.

I just want to share some fun pictures of our final retreat in Trindade where I took the ST – a small beach town a few hours west of Rio. Most of the pics are just Matt and I playing around… It’s beautiful, and if you come on down to visit, I just might take you. Enjoy the pictures Matt took…

One of the beaches – pristine, beautiful, where the hand of man has never set foot…

Matt – climbing and holding the position

Me – pretending I’m climbing… The picture still looks pretty sweet, no?

Finally, me in a tree I DID climb – all by myself – whereby I sat and ate my apple while observing the mindless hurrying of the crowds below. I love trees…

PS – In kind of fun, kind of sad news, I purchased my first ever cell phone today… I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.



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3 responses to “Randonimity and pictures of me doing some kind of exciting things

  1. Laura

    hey! what’s a girl got to do to get some pictures of a Thanksgiving visit, huh? 🙂

  2. lizzie konkler

    ben, i’m out with anne and phil and si now…whom you missed so much at thanksgiving… and sarah and kirk and the baby growing in the belly. we’re looking forward to seeing you in not long and hoping your christmas with family in peru is as beautiful as ours should be here in the snow-piled valley of breck.
    lizzie lauren

  3. ben

    liz –

    i´m in the airport in bogota, on my way home to peru… thinking of ya´ll in breck. i have three minutes left before this computer kicks me off. and not much to say really. just hi. and hi to everone else from columbia…

    merry christmas…


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