Home in Peru…

So, after two longish flights, three seasons (I think) and a bunch of Columbian coffee, I find myself “Home for the Holidays…” Home in this case meaning family, friends, and Peru. It’s good to be back – it’ll be crazy, but fun crazy – hopefully a little time to rest too… =)

The travelling yesterday was full of drama, not the least of which was the nice manager at Avianca in Rio finally gave me the OK to check in fifteen minutes before it was scheduled to leave – something about an expired yellow fever vaccination (it expired three weeks ago) which I didn’t need to leave Brazil, but I DID need to return. It seemed incredible to him that I would somehow be able to get re-vaccinated in the two and a half weeks I’d be out of the country… Long story short, that is why the bomb squad had to pull me kicking and screaming off the plane…

Whoops. Wrong story. Anyway, I made it finally, and it’s good to be with Dad and Heath. Car and Jon fly into tonight. And then the fun begins!

Merry Christmas, if I don’t talk to you soon.


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