Happy New Years!

…and a merry 2006 to you as well. I’m back in Lima for a few hours to clean up and pack for “Surf Trip Peru, 2006”. Tomorrow morning my dad (sporting snazzy new bleached hair) and little brother are heading out for a couple days of driving up the coast of Peru in hopes of catching “the perfect wave” (or in my case, any wave at all…) We’ll arrive in Mancora a few days later, meeting up w/ Heath, Car, our great cousins/uncle/aunt the Floyds, and good friends the Roberts – the 16 of us will be sharing a home for the next week (6 parents, 9 boys, 1 girl… pray for my sis…) =) But it will be great – hopefully a good time of recharging and relaxing and having a great time of fun and fellowship… I laugh so much when I’m here… I love it.

This is the 9 guys (plus two extra at our camping on the beach that we did) who’ll be driving Carly crazy… =) poor girl… but she’s a good sport about it. See?

So I spent last night lying on the beach next to our campfire, surrounded by family and friends I have known since I was little – in many ways they are a part of my extended family… it was great (except for when the fire went out and I woke up shivering and cold at 3 in the morning – and not knowing where my sleeping bag was, stumbling around the campsite looking for something to cover myself with, and not finding anything, settling for a towel that was only slightly damp…) and then one of the girls woke up, saw me shivering, and kindly offered me her extra blanket (thanks Brianna…) which helped me make it through the night…

And then this morning woke up, went surfing a bit w/ my cousins Eric and Ryan. Actually, they went surfing – I merely paddled around like a fool, fell over, didn’t really catch any waves, and only managed to stand up on already broken waves… but I can tell I’m improving – hopefully w/ a few pointers from dad and a bunch of practice… I won’t fall over or something… =)

Anyway, it’s late here – two in the AM. And Dad wants to leave at 7 – which means up at to finish packing, eating breakfast, loading the car, etc. So I’m off to bed. I hope your Christmases were merry and bright – and all that stuff…

Happy 2006.


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  1. fil

    ben! have a great time surfing… we can’t wait to see you soon!!! YAY!

    miss you —

    phil & anne

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