Mixing it all up

It seems so surreal to be driving down I-90 – the sky is overcast and the dominant colors are the slate of the sky, the grays and blacks of asphalt and concrete, and the brown of winter grass and bare trees. I almost feel as if all the color and warmth has been sucked out of the world.

It’s going to be hard to be back here in the US. Don’t get me wrong. I desperately needed some time away to recharge, heal, and having to come back for my visa affords the perfect opportunity. But even though I needed to get away for a while to be poured into by family and friends (that’s you!) and hopefully pour back into their lives, I find that I miss Brazil a lot. I miss the culture – the singing and dancing, the exuberance and life that permeates every interaction. I miss the friends who always want to stop and chat when they see you – the street kids who yell your name and chase you down, causing everyone to turn and stare as they run and leap into your arms after a prolonged absence.

But in only a few months I should be back. And while I’m here, I want to take advantage of it – suck the marrow out of it – I’m excited to see and talk to so many of you in the next couple of weeks. That’s going to be something beautiful. =)


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