A quick administrative note…

A few of you (all three of my regular readers) have asked me in the past if there was a way they could subscribe to my blog – get email updates when there’s something new, or whatever, so they don’t always have to be checking it (unless you want to… I’m not saying there’s a rule or anything about it…)

Anyway, if you’ll look to the right of the blog, right underneath my profile, there’s a spot to enter in your email. It’ll sign you up to receive a little notification every time I put something on here, but it a poem, story, picture, limerick, or my incontrivertable proof of the existence of UFOs.

And, it will only use your email for that. No spam. I won’t sell it. They won’t sell it. (at least they better not, or I’ll get angry… and you don’t want to see me angry…)

Right. That’s enough tom-foolery for now. I’ll put something up real in a day or two. As for now, I’m in Breckenridge, Colorado, having a wonderful (cold) time w/ my church community, the students I worked with and played with three years ago, and some great friends that have begun to quench a soul-thirst I didn’t fully realize was there. So thank you for that.

And now I’m going to bed. ‘Night everyone.


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