World’s Largest Truck Stop… and what?

So on my way back from Colorado and Omaha to Rockford, I ran into (not literally!) the aforementioned truck stop. And it caught my eye. Sadly, I didn’t have time to stop and explore. Maybe next time.

Tomorrow morning (early) I leave for Sri Lanka for a WMF conference. Pray for my time there. And when I return, I’m sure I’ll have at least one fun story and picture… maybe more.

I get to spend an entire day (12 hours) in Hong Kong as well, which should be fun times… thank goodness for long layovers.


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  1. Drew B Moser

    Ben–I just rediscovered your blog! That’s a good thing. Hope your stay in the states is going well. I still wear my Brazilian soccer shirt all the time. It’s weird though: people keep coming up to me and speaking Portuguese. I’m such a poser (sigh).

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