The Short Version

Chicago to LA – 4 hours.
LA to Hong Kong – 15 hours.
Hong Kong to Bangkok – 3 hours.
Bangkok to Colombo – 3 hours.
Colombo to Galle – 4 hours.

And tonight, I get to do it all again backwards…

This past week in Sri Lanka has been amazing. Good meetings. Encouraging conversations. Challenges and opportunities. At times I’ve felt my mind is about to explode with all the possibilities I see before me – for the future plans of our WMF Rio community. Amazing people. And a bit of crazy fun too – (getting kicked out of the hotel swimming pool, a bit of cliff/fort jumping, and a number of other kind of fun stuff – details and pictures forthcoming)…

This evening I leave to begin my trip back to the US. I arrive in Hong Kong tomorrow at 11 AM. I leave Hong Kong for the US around 1 PM on Monday afternoon. And I arrive in Los Angeles around 11 AM on Monday morning… “We’re going back… to the Future!!!” (or past, I guess… shoot.)

Thanks for bearing with me this past week as I’ve had almost no time to fill ya’ll in on what’s going on. Soon, my friends, soon.


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