Fun times in Sri Lanka

Baker Jumping
Originally uploaded by Lost in Rio.

So I just uploaded a few pictures of my Sri Lanka time to my Flickr site. You can check ’em out if you want. This is probably one of my favorites – Andy Baker, WMF Bolivia, launching himself off the fort of Galle (built by the Portuguese over 400 years ago). I love finding and hanging out with people I can do stuff like this with…

Andy was also with me (as well as Humberto, also from WMF Bolivia) when we were kicked out of the hotel pool at our restaurant…

=) fun times.

The meetings were good too – super encouraging for me personally, and I think a great sign of where WMF is heading. I’m excited to see what happens w/ WMF Brazil in the near future…

More stories later – I’m in LA now, and it’s cold and rainy. Ick. So if you wanna get in touch w/ me, and I haven’t contacted you yet, give me a holla…

and like I said, more to come later.


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One response to “Fun times in Sri Lanka

  1. lizzie konkler

    hey benj–
    really interested in all that positive things you are hinting at that you heard/talked about. sorry for waking you yesterday. i have to work the rest of the afternoon and evening, so i won’t be able to talk if you call. but maybe we can tomorrow?
    miss you, brother man–

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