My top 18 random searches

Nothing profound here. I just wanted to say that if you go to the yahoo website ( and search for the term “funny goodbyes”, my blog is the number one site of choice! =) Weird, I know. Here are a few other fun, interesting, or just plain odd searches that have led people to “… and again he asked, “why?” In fact, they’re my top 18…

18 – “o praise him, he is holy, he is holy”
17 – “world’s largest truck stop”
16 – be careful who you love
15 – devil laugh sounds
14 – “beauty of friendship”
13 – i wish i could be close to you
12 – why do superball bounce
11 – why something is beautiful
10 – how to say “Happy Birthday Dad” in Portuguese
9 – where is charlie daniels golden fiddle?
8 – “shakira commercial”
7 – how long does it takes to start a business in Haiti
6 – how to put playing cards in bicycle spokes
5 – washing machine spin cycle loud noises
4 – bruised lump
3 – “broken tail bones”
2 – sheep on bike
1 – “our hero doesn’t wear briefs”



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4 responses to “My top 18 random searches

  1. laura

    ben-this post is so you.

    i was thinking about you the other day… i hope you’re good. i was just wondering what you’re up to… i keep up with your blog just so i know something 🙂

    muito saudades.

    -laura (t.)

  2. Laura

    Fine, I will be the second Laura to comment here. I hope the Mid-West is good to you right now. The sun is shining and its about 78 degrees here- you came a couple weeks too early!!

    And I just read Kite Runner, which now I know you have read too, because of you quoting “For you, a thousand times over.”

  3. Laura Brenner

    and I’ll be the third Laura. Boy, Ben. You are a lucky guy to know three phenominal Lauras. Be well friend.

  4. --jenna

    ben, what i want to know is how did you figure out those searches? late night hunts for your own blog? or some funky program?

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