Chronos vs. Kairos

I was talking on the phone last night and noted one of the small ironies in my whole visa mess of a situation. I’ve been waiting on the arrival of a letter of invitation and a few other documents from Kairos – the Brazilian missions organization that is sponsoring us in the country. I don’t know what their deal is, and why it’s been taking them so long.

The ironic part comes when you stop and look at the name of the organization. In the greek New Testament, there are two words for time – Chronos, and Kairos. Chronos is the clock time – our calendars and to-do lists and that pile up and scream at us their importance. Kairos is God’s time – “in the fullness of time…” – hmm. Maybe there’s something for me to think about in all that… and maybe it’s not just “ironic” that I’ve been waiting for over three months on these documents.

So I go back to the tension of trying to balance the tension of doing all I can to get this visa – calling and talking and pestering and fighting for it – and making the most of where I am and where God has placed me for this time. I’m not very good at living in that tension of the present and the future, of my timetable and God’s timetable, of Chronos and Kairos – but I’m slowly learning as I try it out each and every day.


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  1. Drew B Moser

    good word brother…what if we all spent a little more of our ‘time’ in kairos? imagine…

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