Congratulations are in order…

Just a little shout out to my dad for accomplishing one of the coolest things ever… I’ll let him tell you in his own words…

“Last Monday, May 8, we finished reading through the whole New Testament with several pastors and church leaders, both protestant and Catholic. It was five weeks of reading chapter by chapter the marvelous Gospel!”

There are a few final things to be finished over the next few weeks –
. Finish the glossary
. Finish all spelling, formatting and punctuation checks
. Final agreement on the selection of pictures
. Print lay out in Lima June 12-16
. Cover design (Heather)

And then he’s finished! He’ll have completed this project that he and my mom began in 1982. (Longer if you count their time in the US and Mexico training and support raising and language learning before going to Peru.) After the layout meetings in June, then they are sent to South Korea for printing – and then the New Testaments (10,000 of them to start out) are shipped back to Peru in time for next summer (August 2007) and the New Testament Dedication that will happen. It’ll be a huge celebration – and you’re all invited!

In commemoration, here’s a small “Dad collage”. Woo-hoo!



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2 responses to “Congratulations are in order…

  1. rebecca

    lil’ ben is so cute!

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with Rebecca, you´re so cute!!

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