My relatives are insane

… and you wonder where I get it from… Right. It’s a little after 4:30 in the afternoon, and i’ve been up for over 12 hours. My grandparents (i.e., my grandma) are having a moving sale as they clean out the house of all the stuff that has accumulated over the years (including 15 year old flour, condiments that expired before I was born, and enough tea to satisfy the entire British Isles.) Today was the first day of three. My grandma let me sleep in till 4:30 this morning before waking me up to help w/ the setup (which lasted until about three in the afternoon – then it was time to start putting everything away and bringing everything back inside.)

The fun (in an extremely creepy sort of way) part of the day was seeing all of my grandma’s knick-knacks laid side by side. I couldn’t believe that people would buy some of this stuff – yet buy it they did. Items for sale included antique furniture, 8 sets of dishes, an entire table which followed the “Sunflower motif”, power tools, fake plants, an authentic “Tony Little Gazelle”, my grandma’s angel collection, and a rabbit named Patches.

Oh, the joy… Ahh, I love my grandparents. Crazy though they are – they’re never boring. Maybe if you’re good, I’ll tell you some of their stories – like the time my grandpa got lost in the closet… or the time he felt convicted to go to Africa to be a missionary, and my grandma smiled up at him sweetly and told him “The kids and I will write you every week…” or the time … you get the picture.

So here are a couple of the “greatest hits” of my grandma’s yard sale. Drumroll please…

Really, these don’t need any commentary – except for me to ask, which one is your favorite? Cause I’m kinda partial to “Lil’ Disco Angel” myself… but that’s just me. Anyone else?



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2 responses to “My relatives are insane

  1. rebecca

    they sold their bunny rabbit?! someone needs to take away your digital camera, ben!

  2. David B.

    hmmmm…a hard decison. i want it all! dolls, angels, monkeys, and patriotic goods! what a choice. but, i’ll take the hear, see, and do no evil monkeys. ha!

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