A sad, sad day…

So I just got back from a little french cafe in downtown Miami. I was one of about five people wearing Brazil jerseys, amidst a packed house of 150+ screaming, crying, chanting French. And while I’m sad Brazil lost, France just played better. Henry’s goal – beautiful… And the joy of the French girls next to me was contagious, as they chanted “Allez les Bleu…” and at the end of the game, there were loads of commiserations and hugs – even a few “I’m sorry’s” thrown in there. And then everyone stood up on their chairs and tables and sang “La Marseillaise” and cheered. It made me happy to be there. And France deserved to win. As I walked back to the car, about 20 people looked me in the eye, smiled wryly, and said “I’m sorry…” and I would shrug my shoulders, say “Thanks,” give them a pat on the shoulder, and walk along…

I wonder what it’s like in Rio right now… And sad to have missed being there for any of the Cup. But it looks like I’m going back to Brazil anyway… I’m waiting a few days to try and see if a last minute connection can work anything out for my missionary visa (a friend of a friend of a friend). And if I don’t hear back from her by Wednesday, I’m heading back to Rio on the tourist visa. We’ll see what God does with that. I might get let in. There’s a chance (however small) that I might not. I guess it depends on the attitude of the immigration guy (or girl). And if I don’t get in, then I guess God’ll be trying to tell me something… =)

And now that I’ve gotten my soccer fill for the weekend (and am actually pulling for Portugal to win it all now – a Portugal/Germany final… c’mon…) That’s for the Mosely family… anyway, like I was saying, now that I’ve gotten my futebol fix, I’m going to be finishing the weekend out w/ a personal retreat – time to listen to God’s voice, and spend time with him. You know the drill…



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