Fear of flying? Nope. Fear of falling? Uh-uh. Fear of hitting the ground really, really hard when my parachute fails to open? Yup.

So tomorrow night I step onto the plane here in Miami and return to Rio. Hopefully my tourist visa will let me in with no problems, and I’ll be settled in by the time of the Portugal/Germany game.

I have a lot of mixed emotions about returning – I’m excited, but nervous – ready to move on and actuallly be moving in a direction instead of just waiting in limbo, but also apprehensive about relationships. How hard will it be to pick up those relationships with kids on the street? Because they are such a transient population, how many of them will even be around and remember me?

But, Lord willing, next time you hear from me I’ll be in Rio after a nice long day at the beach – or on the streets – or in the favelas… And if not, then I’m cool with that.

I keep being reminded that if God wants me in Brazil, he can make it work out. There’s nothing else I can do. I’ve exhausted every option. And if he doesn’t work it out, then he obviously has something else he’s working on. I just want to have my eyes open to see it, whatver it might be… and on that note, good-night internets, and bom dia cariocas.

In other assorted random news, I am now pulling for Italy in the final match. However, my track record for teams I’ve been pulling for hasn’t been so good. Spain, Brazil, Portugal… all lost. All beaten by France. Argentina? Lost. And Italy’s been playing some mighty pretty futbol… Good defence. Some pretty goals. A bit of the theatrical. And I like pizza and spaghetti and Roma and St. Peter’s Cathedral and Napoli and good ol’ Lamezia way down in the south… So let’s go Azzurri… forza italia…



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3 responses to “Fear of flying? Nope. Fear of falling? Uh-uh. Fear of hitting the ground really, really hard when my parachute fails to open? Yup.

  1. Pat Kingston

    I’ll be praying, Ben

    Pat Kingston

  2. Anonymous


    we love you and are praying that you get in the country for some closure… : ) you are on our thoughts and in our hearts so often.

    traveling mercies,
    anne & phil & silas

    ps. silas thought the windshield repair guy who came to replace liz’s overly cracked windshield a couple weeks ago was you. haha. silly boy.

  3. Laura

    I can’t help but think that God is being kind to you by making it painfully clear that if you are supposed to be in Rio, then it will be because he will have to make it work, not you. He keeps taking away any possibility of you putting the pressure on yourself. God is sneaky like that.

    Find Wanda and hug her for me!

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