Random, boring, and mundane thoughts…

– So is there anything sadder than someone sitting alone on their roof, quietly singing “Happy Birthday to You” to themself?

– I’m tired. I only slept about four hours last night, then woke up at 6:30 to tag along w/ Jenna to her “Sciences of Religion” class. It’s an option for me to stay here – so I went to see if I’d be able to understand and contribute and all that jazz. So then comes about five hours of Portuguese – 3 in class, talking about the course sylabus, what we’d be studying, etc., with small forrays into ethics, philosophy, theology, etc. And the guy in front of me mumbled badly too. Then came another two hours of me listening to Jenna and the prof debate (they’re friends outside of class) an article Jenna had written on suffering – that was only the starting point…

– Then this evening we went to a friend from church’s wedding. We showed up around 7 (an hour late) and people were still arriving. We found a table to sit down at (the ceremony and reception were in the same place – a very pragmatic move). About 8 or so, couples started lining up – god-parents, groomsmen and bridesmaids, etc. And there were a ton! I counted 36 (not couples – individuals). Only when the father walked the bride down the aisle, then ran back down to pick up his other daughter who was also getting married at the same time did it make sense – a double wedding. Two grooms, two brides, two wedding parties… half the cost. Anyway, it was fun, and it was good seeing people from church. We stayed until around 10:30 (they still hadn’t served any food) and then left. On the way home, I stopped at a street vendor’s stall to get a sandwich and something to drink (not having eaten since lunch).

– Walking up the stairs to Rich and Rebeca’s place, I then proceeded to trip on the top step, spilling juice all over my face and my clean “wedding shirt”, barely catching my sandwich before it rolled down the stairs to the hungry dogs below, and narrowly avoiding slamming my head into the metal gate at the top of the stairs.

– I watched part of the Italy/France game with some of the guys from Lapa last Sunday. It was a lot of fun – and good seeing everyone.

– It’s still very surreal – I don’t feel like I’m back yet – I’m not sure what the deal is…

– 26 years ago, I was born. My dad said I looked like Yoda. Not much has changed since then, has it?

– The middle of July is eventful for my family – today – my birthday. Also today – Dad’s birthday. Tomorrow – Dad and Heath’s 7 year anniversary.

– Depending on the weather, tomorrow I’m either making a trip to the beach or a lil’ hike up on the mountains – get ouside and think things through – reflect a bit on what it means to be another year older and another year wiser (maybe? let’s not think too hard on that…)

– And now, I’m signing off, going up on the roof again, taking my guitar and a Magnum (the best ice-cream bars in the world!) to enjoy the cool night air, the waning moon, and a bit of alone time with just me, the Magnum, and the music…



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6 responses to “Random, boring, and mundane thoughts…

  1. mindy v

    happy big 26 ben…glad to hear you are back in brazil!

  2. Melanie

    . . . also a shout out “Happy Birthday” from Azusa. hope the music and ice cream was fun.

  3. Drew B Moser

    happy b-day ben…magnum! i miss them…

  4. Anonymous

    yummy magnums… mmm. i remember them from israel. happy BIRTHDAY, ben! wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. you are the best!

    love you,

  5. Kirk, Sarah, and Baby

    happy belated birthday ben. i’m glad you made it back to rio even though it would have been fun to have you back in breck! i remember magnums in israel… yummy. 🙂 sarah livesay

  6. lizzie

    i’m quite late on the uptake, but i still want to say Happy Birthday to you, dear friend. and i’m glad the day after the big day you didn’t kill yourself in the run down the mountain. oh my…

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