Another Classic Short Story

Well, since the response was soooo… overwhelming? yeah, that’ll do… overwhelming, I’ve decided to put up another classic “Ben Miller Original”, published circa 1985. Enjoy this recently unearthed gem of a tale…



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8 responses to “Another Classic Short Story

  1. Laura

    Good story: I liked the plot twist, the moment of crisis (“I hate orange lollipops) and yet it still resolved into a happy ending, because the pig likes mud. Too bad you werent smart enough to draw Lucky Lock with ears.

  2. ben

    thanks laura. now, about the ears… you’ve gotta remember i grew up in peru – the pigs i saw often had no ears (them being a famous quechuan delicacy – taken by “pig poachers…” but i digress). just becuase you grew up in southern california w/ tons of “two-eared pigs”, it doesn’t mean all of us were so fortunate to see nature in all its unblemished glory.

    and really, if you had to choose between an orange lolly pop and playing in the mud, i think we all know what would be the hands-down favorite.

  3. Laura

    I stand corrected.

  4. Anonymous

    hilarious, ben! : ) you were completely “ben” even back in 1985. that is awesome. we love you and are praying for you.

    anne and fil

  5. Joel Newton

    Nice work…I wondering how we can read in some Freudian stuff into the whole pig and lollypop thing. I don’t know how that would work though.

    My question is…do you really hate lollypops or was that some kind of missionary kid angst as a kid.

  6. Faye Yu

    I was very excited to see another episode of the Ben classics. I showed the first one to friends. However, I do have an observation: the pig looks a lot like the rat. Is this one of those one man shows? That is one talented rat!

  7. ben

    joel – i don’t remember hating lolly-pops. it was probably some type of me trying to get inside of the pig’s head – understand his motivations, what makes him tick, what would he like, etc. i was remarkably angst free as a young child – no TV, playing outdoors a lot – there was my confusion between tourists and terrorists – i equated them for a while, as i did w/ gorillas and guerillas. things like that can be confusing for a young kid.

    faye – not really sure what to say – it does look awfully similar, upon closer comparison. however, as my grasp of perspective, scale, and form were pretty much non-existent at the age of five, i’d have to admit that probably any animal i drew would be practically indistinguishable from “the rat” or “the pig.” i also probably couldn’t tell much of a difference between some of the small pigs and some of the large rats in the village we lived in. it had four legs, a body, a head, eyes, and a word telling you what it was. what more did a little kid need, except to finish the story and get back outside and play in the stream (which, incidentally, was full of mud, not orange lollypops…)

  8. Emily

    Ben, your stories are a source of laughter and smiles…keep them coming. And keep the postings coming…I feel like I know very little of your life since returning to Brasil! Hope you are well friend!

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