Once more into the breach

It seems surreal to be packing up again to head back to the US. Thanks to the wonderful Brazilian government, I am once again making a trip to Chicago to work on my visa. This time, we’re trying to get me a student visa. We’ll see if the “fourth worst beauracracy in the world” looks with favor or disgust on this application…

Anyway, this means that I have a few weeks with my family (in Rockford – they’re back in the US for the year), hopefully visiting my sister as she starts her college career at Calvin in Grand Rapids, and seeing a few other special friends. I’ll probably be trying to do a get together or two in the Rockford/Chicago area for those who might miss me otherwise.

Assuming things go smoothly and quickly, I could be back in Brazil in as little as three weeks (maybe even less). However, at this point I’m not expecting too much. If it does go through that quickly, I’ll be happy. If not, I’m sure that something else is in the works, and I’m content with that – “whatever the circumstances…” and all that jazz…

So Wed. morning I fly in – give me a call on the ol’ cell, and we’ll chat.

‘Til then, tchau.


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One response to “Once more into the breach

  1. Seth

    hey bro call me when you get in. Going throug MIA?

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