Out in Colorado for a bit

A plane for Tam
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So yesterday Liz and I went to our friend Tamara’s wedding. Tam and I go way back – friends from Taylor who met studying in Israel, traveled to Italy together, and generally have a blast whenever we get together. So, since I’m back in the US for this visa stuff, I decided super last minute to swing out here and show up for her wedding! Thanks to super cheap tickets and having to wait until Wed. to get paperwork back from the Brazilian consulate, I popped out to Breck to see old friends. And it’s been great to see everyone here – it always feels so familiar and right to be with these people here. I’m thankful for them and for the chance to be out here. Ahhh, mountains…

So I’m heading back to Rockford tomorrow and my fam, and may put up a few more pics of Tam’s wedding (it was beautiful, and fun, and funny – totally Tam). And then hopefully by the end of this week I’ll have dropped off my application at the consulate… and then prolly only a few more days until the visa is in hand. We’ll see… more soon, once I get back to my computer and Rockford and the family.



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2 responses to “Out in Colorado for a bit

  1. Anonymous

    ben, how’s the visa thing coming?!?!


  2. Emily

    so good to catch up the other day friend…keep me posted on how the visa drama is coming along…and don’t forget about my lime dressing!

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