Avast, ye hearties…

It is a little-known fact that today, September 19th, just so happens to be the internationally celebrated “Talk like a Pirate Day.”

And a pirate would say it like this –

Yo-ho, me hearties… Today be the day which all ye be talkin’ like the scuurrrrvy bilge rats ye be. Arrrr…

And for all of you out there who might not know how to talk to a pirate, here’s a little instructional video. Check it out. You could learn something.

And in visa news, after more headaches, I finally have everything in hand that I’ve been waiting on. So, tomorrow (Wed.) I am headed into Chicago to the Brazilian Consualte (Arrrrr), and we’ll see what they say when I try and get a visa.

So, Happy “Talk Like a Pirate Day!”



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