A random musical thought

So I was driving to pick up my brother after school, and was flipping through the radio channels. I came across the local Christian music station and began wondering if it’s mostly Christians who listen to them (I would assume so…)

And that got me to thinking how ODD it is that there exists such a thing as “Christian Music,” and “Christian Radio Stations” to play said “Christian Music…” And it got me wondering – is this phenomenon something that is limited to Christianity (or protestantism?) or is it a global phenomenon?

Can you imagine the amazing musical fusion that could exist, and the amazing marketing opportunities that exist before us today? Islamic pop radio? Buddhist rap? Hindu funk? Zoroastrianism country? Zen alternative? Ba’hai trance? Scientologist techno? Shinto death metal? Jewish punk rock? What would they sound like? Would they have their own awards show (ala Dove Awards?) And where can I find this music? Just point me in the right direction, and we’ll have us a jammin’ time…


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One response to “A random musical thought

  1. Cara

    Morman neo-soul? Wiccan accordion polkas?

    Unfortunately, Rastafarianism already coopted the one of the best genres.

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