All over the place

So I was informed yesterday that it’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here – or maybe the exact phrase was “anything of substance…” It’s a little hazy at this point. I guess this past week or so has been an odd mix – very busy and eventful in some ways… and when I’m not sure what’s going on upstairs in my head, I tend to want to think it through first and get some type of handle on it before I drop by here.

For those of you who care about the nitty-gritty, it looks like there’s progress on the visa front. My paperwork is all in, and it appears to be accepted. So sometime next week (say Wed. or Thurs., maybe?) I should have an answer (unless someone decides they need more info… and who really knows at this point.) But I could have a visa by this time next week. I put off my tickets (once more) til the 21st of Oct. So some of you have a few more days and weeks to enjoy my presence (even if it’s only my being in the same country for a while.)

In other news, this is my first fall in three or four years – and I’m actually enjoying it. =) On Sunday I was in Indiana, and at a little park in the fair city of Fort Wayne we built a pile of leaves in a park and jumped into it… I never got to do that in Peru, and I was always so jealous of the kids in the US who were able to jump into HUGE piles of leaves whenever they wanted. The leaves were turning, and as we lay in the leaf pile and looked up at the crisp blue of the sky and fluttering leaves on a semi-blustery day, listening to the leaves crackle as the cool air sang through our lungs, smelling the sweet scent of crushed leaves, I was content. And at the same time, so far beyond content – almost into the realm of exhilaration – with the joy of being alive.

And today, I borrowed a pair of rollerblades and went down by the river here in Rockford and skated up and down the bike path for a while – apparently, I didn’t remember how to jump very well (or stop when I got going too fast), had a small spill or two (don’t worry, I stayed out of the river) and I almost took out a few joggers and a small dog on its leash as I flailed and windmilled all over the place – but the colors and the sun and the sky were gorgeous – the light was just so thick and rich. And it was good to be alive.

Last night I went to see my brother’s last regular season soccer game – it was below freezing, windchill made it about 20 degrees, and it was snowing. Poor Jon was the only one on the field with both a short-sleeved jersey and shorts. Someone loaned him a pair of gloves, and he had his litlle Peruvian cholo hat, and I was so proud of him! He was tearing it up – all over the place, passing the ball, creating chances, two sick assists, a great cross that was volleyed into the goal, and he shared one of his gloves with another kid who didn’t have any. =) It’s been fun hanging out with him these past few weeks – and tomorrow we’re going to try a little more rollerblading. We have to tone it down a bit cause we don’t have much safety equipment (helmets, pads, etc.) and I don’t want to have to take either of us to the hospital for being stupid. But it’ll be fun.

And I’m so thankful for the Gallagher’s – my Colorado family – and am pleased to report that they are the proud parents of a new baby boy – Lincoln Clement – and that Anne is stable and recovering nicely (after giving many people quite a scare…) =) Love you guys…

And that’s about it… Overall, I’m just thankful for so much right now. And I’m so glad that I have someone to thank for it. Life is so rich – even in these in between, waiting moments… and it’s good to be alive…

Soli Deo Gloria…



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3 responses to “All over the place

  1. Katie Evans

    thanks benny,
    it’s so good to know we are surrounded by the great cloud and held up by those who love us. i’ll ask dave about the davy crockett dance, i’m sure i’ll be blessed to see such a scene. hope you enjoy your time in rockford, and more rollerblading. I’ve done my share of rollerblading along the fox river as well, it’s a pretty place in the fall. take care!

  2. Emily

    Benjo…you know this extension on your visa means another trip to the city. And before you jump to conclusions, I value your friendship more than the lemon dressing. But yes, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of it as well:) Let me know when you’ll be in this direction again, friend.

  3. Anonymous

    hey ben —

    thanks for the shout out! haha… yah, what a weekend. but such a blessing to be home again and in awe of one of the sweetest little boys. he is amazing. and somehow i am finding joy in the wee hours of the morning when God gives me energy and strength to get up and feed our new son… energy that somehow carries me through the day as well! God is good. it is good to hear how he has been faithful to you these past few days, too.

    we love you! thanks for the phone calls.
    anne and the three boys

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