Guess who got a visa for Brazil…

Yes, that would be me. I leave on Monday. =)

(this is the point on the soundtrack of my life where the triumphal chorus of trumpets and angels breaks out…)

and cut… that’s a wrap…

PS – (I guess I should have a little disclaimer – I don’t actually have the visa in hand at this moment… However, I did call and the visa service lady said she has it in hand… so unless the post office loses it, or somehow it spontaneously combusts, I should be traveling…)

So keep me in your prayers.



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2 responses to “Guess who got a visa for Brazil…

  1. Anonymous

    Ben – Glad to hear the good news. It’s too late to send any of Jenna’s books to you, but you probably didn’t want to be a pack animal anyway. Have a safe trip.

    Mrs. P

  2. dave

    congrats! that’s excellent news! i’m excited for this journey.. as it continues to unfold. watch out, though, His love is crazy!

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