A bit of slacking

So when you move into a new place and are trying to get that set up (in the favela, this involves installing everything from showers to toilet seats to cabinets to the new hooks on which I can hang my hammock), on top of work and ministry responsibilities (we went on a trip to the zoo yesterday – the kids we took LOVED it), along with the regular daily life things (preparing/cooking food – difficult without a stove – doing laundry by hand, cleaning, organizing my ever expanding library, building my bookshelves, etc.), and when you factor in that I don’t have a phone or internet in my new place, you will realize that this blog somehow gets relegated towards the bottom of the priority list.

A quick vignette – Monday we were on the streets as usual. LG, one of the older guys, decided he wanted to color a Spider-Man picture. He proceeded to spend the next hour and a half working on it. Upon its completion, he captioned it “Spider-Man of the streets. Fighting the villains of: prejudice, racism, social injustice, hunger, violence, inequality, and loneliness…”

Above that, he wrote this paraphrase – “Come to me all you who are tired, come you who are oppressed, and I will give you freedom…” – Jesus.

Maybe this Spider-Man of the streets and Jesus are a bit more similar than we might realize…



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2 responses to “A bit of slacking

  1. Anonymous

    right on. i like that spiderman of the streets thing. that is one smart cookie. : ) hope the new pad is coming along well. we miss you!


  2. laura

    thanks, ben, for keeping us up on what’s going down 🙂 i love hearing stories from the streets.

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