A Business Opportunity

So I was walking home tonight and saw a place that rents clothing – formal wear, tuxedos, and other clothes of that nature – and I was inspired.

Why not combine this type of clothing rental with a Netflix type subscription service? You pay a monthly fee, (variable, depending on how many items of clothing you want to be able to have at a time – 20 bucks a month gets you three items of clothing each go around), choose the clothes you want, and have them delivered to your door. You don’t have to wash them – when you are tired of wearing it (or it just gets dirty) you simply put it in the mail and Netwear (the name is a fluid concept at this point) sends you your next item of clothing (or the same thing – but clean). It could be your favorite hard to find brand of jeans, a wacky shirt for a costume party, or the pair of smartwools you wore every day and now have holes in them… The possibilities. Think of the possibilities…

I must go now and meditate a bit on this.



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4 responses to “A Business Opportunity

  1. Drew

    you are a genius!

  2. marci

    You are definitely a guy, and while I think this service would be great for guys, I don’t think it would sell with women. I mean, you actually expect that I would know what I wanted to wear days in advance? For work, sure, I throw on anything clean (and wouldn’t spend money on your service as I really don’t care what I look like while I’m there), but I need to try on at least three things when I’m going out in the evening – I don’t know what I’m wearing until three seconds after I’m supposed to be out the door.

    Oh, and by the way, hi. I’ve been reading your blog for while now – in fact I “borrowed” the quote from your last post and put it up on mine. I am in the beginning stages of learning Portuguese and am fascinated/horrified by the favelas. I’m a Christian, and I love hearing about the work you are doing there. Obrigada!

  3. Lizzie

    it definately IS the transfomers movie from the 80s… i can’t say i love it as much as silas (or you for that matter) but i think i get why you both may like it so much. did you know that they swear several times in it? it’s pretty shocking… 🙂
    yeah, anne and phil are at mark’s wedding. the bergers, jayson and james are all there, too… making a good ol’ time of it.
    hey, i’m glad you and jenna crossed the street alright. oh the life you lead…

  4. Anonymous

    i think they (the ubiquitous they)invented a similar service for men who will receive a new pair of socks without holes every week by mail. it is a huge success. i bet these men would probably love to get the rest of their outfits too….

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