A crazy week

So there have been a number of things I’ve been hoping to get down on paper (whether it be the old-fashioned kind made from trees or this new-fangled one composed of electrons) this week. Alas, due to laziness, a broken computer, emergencies and dramas on the street, hospital visits, and the beginnings of a project to put my house back in order, I have yet to put down one word.

So this is the abbreviated list form. Lists are good – often underrated in their effectiveness. So here’s a list of the week…

1 – As a hint for those who were curious about the great day last saturday – let me see if I can sum it up in a few short words. Beach. Waves. Surfing. Beautiful. Good friends. Refreshing. Guitar. Cold Skol, a cool breeze, and my favorite jeans. The Malagueña Salerosa. Mix them all up over a 24 hour period, and you have a synergistic smoothie of bliss.

2 – Monday – I love our friends on the street. I love hanging out with them down by the water of the bay – the ferries going back and forth, the moon rising over the water, the lights of the city slowly appearing, the kids diving and flipping and flopping from the high stones into the water, the sounds of laughter and singing and trash-talking filling the air. And the days I join them swimming – that’s a big coffee cup full of fun (with a frothy swirled topping of pollution).

3 – We stood in a circle to sing a few songs before we prayed and ate this past Monday. I know about 2 of the songs they ask to sing, so my guitar often becomes a percussion instrument as I mute the strings and strum away. The few times I do know the song (or have begun to figure it out) there is a key change in the middle of a verse or before a chorus. And I don’t know the words. But I remember what my mom always taught me – “if you don’t know the words, sing loud.” And so I do.

5 – When I pull out a math worksheet and am surrounded by kids both young and old wanting to practice – to learn. Every day this week I sat with a different boy or girl and we had a little tutoring time. And the pride on their faces when I put a check mark beside each correct problem, write “nota 10” (100%) on the front and congratulate them is a beautiful thing to see.

7 – I sit next to the woman who has had her children taken away from her. She has them on the street, which is not the best environment, but she is their mother, and she loves them. She is fighting to get them back. There is the other woman who also has had her children taken from her. She is their mother, but she doesn’t act as if she loves them. She is violent and careless and irresponsible. But they are her children, and they love her. There is the other woman whose mother came to take her new-born grandaughter to care for her. Six months later, she finds out the grandmother has given her child away to a family that can better care for her… Breaks my heart, and I sit and ponder, trying to comfort, figure out what is best for the mother and child, and praying… always praying.

11 – My computer is supposedly fixed. I find out tomorrow if it really is. We shall see…

13 – Because I have to mess with my computer, I can’t go surfing tomorrow. Which is really disappointing.

17 – It’s after midnight. So I will sign off for now – and head out to enjoy the porch, icy Skol, and a bit more spanish guitar…

até mais, galera…


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