Lessons learned, conversations conversated, and a giant spider

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I am starting to like lists – they help keep my thoughts organized, and keep me from babbling on too much. Here’s tonight’s list –

1 – I don’t like spiders. I think this dates back to when I was in high school out in the Amazon. I was swimming in the lake with a few friends and had just jumped out of a favorite tree of ours (Big Root) into the water. (We were playing a rousing game of tree tag – always fun, and much better over the water, because when you jump from one branch to the other, and you miss or can’t quite hang on, you only fall 30 feet into the water, which is a much better surface to land on than grass, sand, or very small rocks.)

Anyway, I was in the water and I reached out of the water to grab a hanging root to climb back up, but I accidentally grabbed a spider colony. There were 10-15 spiders running down my arm. I panicked, let go of the branch, and ducked under the water. When I came up for air, I looked around, only to see a small herd of spiders running across the water towards my face. In hindsight, I guess that they were just trying to get out of the water and weren’t trying to attack me, but at the time, I did not make that distinction. I went under water and came up a few feet away, but the spiders were still coming for me. So I gave up and swam as far away as I could underwater. Stupid spiders finally gave up. I hope they drowned. I don’t like spiders.

So, a week or two ago, I was getting ready for bed – brushing my teeth, to be precise – when I saw a shadow moving out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see what it was, and it was the spider in the picture. I don’t mind bugs, and slimy things, and snakes. As I may have mentioned, I don’t like spiders.

After running out of the bathroom, and then chasing it all over the kitchen and bathroom, I finally cornered it in the shower and trapped it in a bucket so I could take its picture before I drowned it by flushing it down the toilet. Did you know that I don’t like spiders?

2 – I have a cinnamon scented candle that Laura sent to me. It smells good. Tonight, I was making BBQ-chicken pizza. It also smells good. However, the combination of BBQ-chicken pizza and cinnamon candle does not smell good at all. Try to avoid, if possible.

3 – A conversation between Jenna and myself tonight while she was in the shower (my bathroom is right next to my kitchen, and she hasn’t had water in her place for about three weeks now…)

B – Is rust bad for you?
J – Pus?
B – Rust.
J – Lust?
J – Oh. Where?
B – In my cheese.
J – In your teeth?
B – In my cheese!
J – How did rust get in your cheese?
B – (Sigh…) Well, it was on my cheese grater…
J – What? Are you sure it’s not red mold?
B – Yes, I’m sure. All I want to know is, is it bad for you to eat it.
J – Well, if it’s just rust, then it’s probably OK. I’d eat it.
B – Thanks.

Problem solved.



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2 responses to “Lessons learned, conversations conversated, and a giant spider

  1. laura

    oh. my. goodness.
    biggest spider, i think ever.
    i’m glad you survived such a traumatic ordeal… and had enough wits about you to take a picture 🙂
    parabens, amigo.

  2. Laura

    hm. yes, i do agree that cinnamon and bbq sauce do not mix. hope the pizza was good though. and are you going to email me back?

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