An epiphany in E minor

¡Alalau! Que frio…

In other news, it’s been hard for me to write recently. Too much on my plate, or not enough… I only have so many words to say. And I think I need to take a break and write just to write for a while – not worry about writing for an audience (or lack thereof), thinking about who is (or isn’t) reading this – about confidentiality or the language I can or cannot use… Time for some soul-searching and other stuff. I may let people know about the end result. Maybe not. But for at least a while, I’ll be saying good-bye. If you’re want stories or anything else, you can always check out Jenna’s blog, or just email me…





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2 responses to “An epiphany in E minor

  1. David B.

    Tchau for now Ben! Have a great season of blog rest!

  2. Sylvie

    Ben – I understand what you mean. You definitely need to write just for yourself sometimes.

    That said, thank you for your writings that you do share. I am a Californian who recently visited Brazil for the first time and am day-dreaming about someday soon doing the kind of work you are doing. I have been very much inspired by your blogs and want to thank you for that. I look in on you & Jenna every once in a while, and I am so happy to have “met” you (even if just voyeuristically thus far.)

    Do take great care of yourself so that you can continue in caring for others as you do.
    God bless,

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