I’ve been trying to get my schooling nailed down before I head back to the US for part of the summer. (I leave here in just over two weeks.) While I’m back in the US, I’m going to be trying for another student visa – and to get that, I need to be enrolled in a course of study. Sadly, I found out today that my first choice will not be available. So long, Adventure Sports course.

(It was a post-grad course of study on “How to teach Adventure Sports”. Course topics included Biomechanics, Applied Philosophy, Research Methods, Hang gliding, Surfing, Scuba diving, Rock climbing, Sky-diving, Rafting and kayaking among others… I’m saddened that White Castle University (not making that up) are big flakes and try to keep teasing me by moving the start date back and back and back… I’ve been trying to enroll in this course since last year. Every time I check in, they move the starting date back a month. And time has run out, so I’m having to settle for plan B).

Plan B isn’t too bad though. It’s an MBA in NGO management (specifically focusing on NGOs in Brazil.) So while it won’t be nearly as much fun, it should be much more useful (especially as we’re in the midst of the process of incorporating WMF as a Brasilian entity.) My appointment/interview/matriculation is supposed to happen this Monday. When that falls through, I’ll start to panic, but until then, everything’s A-OK.


Last night I saw something dark moving out of the corner of my eye. It was a rat. A large-ish one. In my living room. So, I did what anyone would do – picked up a broom and chased it outside. Showed that rat who was boss. (Discerning readers will remember the classic short story published last year for the first time – “Tom and the Rat.” No, I did not bite this rat’s butt. That would be gross. Just goes to show those who claim I haven’t learned anything since I was five.) And now my home is (probably) relatively rat-free. Reminds me of a Simpsons episode. I’m not sure which one, but I feel like this should be a sign on a Krusty-Burger – “Rat free since Wednesday!!!”


And in final fun news before I go to bed, tomorrow we are holding a fund-raiser. Actually, the project we volunteer at and have a partnership with is having a fund-raiser – a “tea.” I’m a little sketched out about how it will go. It could really backfire, or be great. I just don’t know enough at this point. What I do know is this – we are showing up at 10 in the morning to blow up 800 balloons. We are helping to decorate the church it is being held at. We are sharing a bit about our involvement with Dora, the kids who make PV their home, and ways that Brazilians can get involved. And last (but certainly not least) Rich and I are singing a duet.

We were roped into this on Wednesday when a semi-crazy pastor who is full of helpful advice and suggestions for our construction projects asked us if we sang as we worked. I started whistling “Whistle while you work.” No one got it. Trying to salvage the situation, I said, “Sure, Rich sings.” “Great! Sing at the fund-raiser on Saturday. In English.” They don’t know what they’ve set themselves up for.

Last night we had a brain-storming session of what we should sing. I was pulling for some old school Christian classics (Carman, Michael W. Smith, David Meece, Petra, Russ Taff, DC Talk) but we decided that Third Day might be better for our novice status. (DC Talk was close, but I find it hard to play rap songs on my guitar – if you know how to play “Luv is a Verb,” send me the chords…) =) Anyway, I think that we’ll just have to save the Carman/Petra/DC Talk medley for the next concert… I’ll let you know how this one goes – if we’re lucky, it could be a disaster of epic proportions. And now, I need to rest my vocal cords and get my beauty sleep.


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  1. Anonymous

    Um, Ben, can I request a David Meece song- Candle in the Rain. That was my *FAVORITE* song. and then seriously, anything by Petra, but my favorites include This Means War and You Are, I Am, Get on your Knees and Fight Like a Man. If you decide to DC Talk, Heavenbound is the best out there…and if you need anymore suggestions, I would be happy to dig into the wounded memories of childhood and suggest some more CCM. Jennica

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