This is a little ridiculous

So in packing up my house to move, I decided to organize my books – figure out which ones to keep, which to take back to the US, which to get rid of… So I gathered them all together…

(Yes, the box and bags are also full of books.) This is also after getting rid of two backpacks full a couple of weeks ago. I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

“Hello everyone. My name is Ben, and I’m addicted to books…”


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One response to “This is a little ridiculous

  1. Anonymous

    not trying to *brag,* but sweetie, that’s nothing. I realized last year that I own enough books (that I haven’t read yet) that I could read a new book each week and not run out for 3 years. that’s right, years.
    oh, aaaand, if you think I still have your copy of Os Guinness’ “The Call,” then… I think I lost it.
    :0) martha

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