A few misc pictures

So I haven’t had the time, inclination, or energy to write on here – so I am taking the moment to post a few pictures and let you know that I am doing fine – in Colorado, busy and tired from traveling, but enjoying the company of so many people… and here are a few of them…
– Here we have the family, all together again, after almost 3 years… They’re beyond great.

– And here we have my special “I’ve missed you” mustache that I grew out especially for my family. After having it for almost a week, I almost missed it when the time came for us to part ways…

And now I’m off to bed. If you think of it, be tossing up a prayer for Rio – I hear the violence and stuff is just getting worse. I will try and put something of substance up here soon… but until then, you’ll just have to be patient. Hasta la pizza, baby…



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2 responses to “A few misc pictures

  1. Rebecca

    glad you got rid of it!

  2. Anonymous

    I thought it looked nice. I just wondered where your Harley was.

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