Story time

Today my grandma celebrated the 30th anniversary of an unnamed birthday. As we sat around the table in the Lone Star Steak House telling stories, my aunt Karen turned to me and asked if I remembered a certain story. I didn’t, of course, so she proceeded to relate the following…

I was about five years old, and the proud big brother of a one year old sister. One day she was fussing and crying up in her room, so my mom sent me up to calm her down. After a few more minutes of crying, Kaitlyn suddenly stopped, and it got very quiet. Curious to know what I had done, Mom came upstairs to find me with a black permanent marker, drawing all over Kaitlyn’s face. I looked at her and said, “But Mom, it’s the only way she’ll stop crying!” And that’s why Kait had black swirls all over her face for the next couple of weeks…

Tuesday morning Car, Jon and I fly out of Chicago for Lima… One last family trip to Peru. And there’s still a decent amount to do between now and then. So I will away with me. And one last thing before I go…

Feliz veinti-ocho de julio to everyone…

Viva el Peru…


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  1. Melanie

    older brothers always hav innovative ways of taking care of the younger siblings. 🙂

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