Still comfy after all these years

Can I just say that’s it’s always great to be back in Peru – even riding in a busted up taxi at 5 in the morning through the smog and industrial district on the way into town from the airport through the bitter, bitter cold… Today’s been great so far – early breakfast with Lauren (my pseudo-teacher for 10th grade), day hanging out on the streets with the WMF/Lima people, aji de gallina and great company for lunch, lots of spanish, and fun fun fun. (and the day’s not over yet.)

We leave tonight for Huaraz. And in the past two days I’ve slept about six hours (all part of my strategy for ensuring that I sleep on the bus trip… =) right…)

It’s good to be home.


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One response to “Still comfy after all these years

  1. --jenna

    ben…good to hear you arrived safe and sound!

    i tagged you on my blog…go check it out!!!

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