Well I was looking on here a couple of days ago and realized that I hadn’t posted anything of substance in ages. That’s reflective of how my life has felt these past couple of weeks. For those who don’t know, in brief, since the beginning of August, I have:

– traveled to Peru
– climbed to a glacial lake (Churup), elevation 14,600 ft.
– witnessed the dedication of the New Testament in the Huaylas Quechua dialect
– eaten guinea pig
– sang karaoke
– traveled over 30 hours by bus
– flown almost 14,000 miles
– went to North Carolina for my 10th high school reunion
– eaten Papa John’s pizza (my favorite)
– arrived back in Brazil
– received a Servant Team of five people (only four have arrived yet thanks to visa issues)
– gone out to the streets today
– saw MJ (a dear friend who had disappeared for over a year and a half with only a few emails to show for it… he’s back and doing great – off the streets, life being put back together, stopped selling drugs… so much fun to see him.)
– saw a few contestants for the Brazilian version of “The Amazing Race” tearing through downtown Rio…
– have refrained from killing the Nichol’s cat, Puxa, despite numerous provocations
– have not gone insane yet…

And now I should get some rest. Tomorrow, the insanity continues…


(a brief aside for those of you who aren’t facebook addicts, my pictures from the Peru trip are on my flickr – off to the right of the page)… they’re fun – if you haven’t checked them out yet, do so…)



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2 responses to “Miscellany

  1. Anonymous


    those photos are awesome. way to go! i especially like the one of your dad and heather in the garb. plus the one of you doing the handstand by the lake is so ben. love it.


  2. Swift

    It was great to see you but sucked that we didn’t really get to hang out. I kind of figured that I see you at least once a year or so so I spent more time with the once-in-ten-year friends. Wish we could have hung out here in Chicago too. Great to see the dedication pics. Who’s the lovely lady with the shrimp?


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